Execution of good standing certificate

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Execution of good standing certificate

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Good Standing Certificate to work abroad for doctors

To work abroad, doctors and other medical professionals must obtain a Good Standing Certificate. This document is also called a letter of good reputation. It contains information about the medical specialist, his education and professional activity. Almost all healthcare organizations abroad use the Good Standing certificate to confirm the required information about medical professionals.

The Good Standing Certificate confirms that no disciplinary, administrative or judicial penalties have been applied to the applicant while working as a doctor, ie there are no obstacles to the doctor's work abroad. Without it, it is impossible to obtain a medical registration and work as a doctor abroad.

Countries for which the certificate is issued: Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong, UAE, Australia, etc. Certificates are issued in English, German or Ukrainian, depending on the order. The document is issued in the form of a statement or certificate, indicating the specific authority that requires it.

Any medical specialist can get a Good Standing certificate. One Good Standing certificate is issued to only one person, whose name is indicated in the document. Citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreign students who have received medical education in Ukraine, can apply for the Good Standing certificate.

The certificate is issued in an average of 3 weeks. For its execution it is necessary to provide quality copies of all educational documents (diplomas, supplements, certificates, certificates of qualifications, categories, employment books, etc.), copies of Ukrainian passports and passports to travel abroad, documents confirming the change of name. When reviewing documents, additional documents related to the issuance of the certificate may be required.

The Good Standing Certificate is valid for 6 months, but many foreign medical organizations require that this document has no more than 3 months. For example, in the United Kingdom, a Good Standing certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, regardless of the period of validity. Therefore, it is better to know in advance the approximate date of issuance of the document in time to submit it to the organization for which it is intended.

There is no extension of the Good Standing Certificate. It is possible to obtain a new certificate without re-providing a complete package of documents.

Foreign medical organizations take the reputation of their employees very seriously. Therefore, the Good Standing certificate is mandatory even for passing qualifying exams. The Good Standing certificate confirms that the doctor has the right to practice medicine, has the required professional status and good reputation. To do this, the Good Standing certificate includes the following information: the name of the specialist, his education, information about his professional activities, information about the lack of disciplinary sanctions, complaints, charges, ongoing inspections and investigations.

The Good Standing Certificate must be issued in writing. Typically, employers or government agencies that issue a license to practice medicine abroad require a written Good Standing Certificate. The presence of an electronic copy of the document does not affect this requirement. The ability to obtain an electronic copy of a document depends on the country in which it is issued. In Ukraine, the electronic register of Good Standing certificates is not yet maintained, so this document is issued only in paper form.

If you want to get a Good Standing certificate from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, contact our specialist or send an application from the e-office form on this page (see right). The list of necessary documents for receiving this document is individual, therefore our expert will contact you and will help to specify it. You can be sure that with our help you will receive this document quickly and reliably.

Good Standing Certificate to work abroad for doctors

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