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In November 2015, an electronic apostille system started operating in Ukraine. Therefore, you can order a new electronic apostille and check the apostille in the electronic register of apostilles online. With “Antei” you will always be ahead!

Legalization of documents by affixing the stamp “Apostille”

Apostille is a special stamp affixed to an official document issued in one country, which confirms its authenticity. After affixing the Apostille stamp, the document becomes fully legal in another country.

The Apostille is used to confirm the validity of the document only for use abroad. The Apostille cannot be used to confirm the validity of a document in the country where the document was issued.

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The Apostille is affixed by the following official bodies:

  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Ministry of Justice);
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA);
  • Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

The election of the body for affixing an Apostille depends on the document submitted by you.

For example, a certificate of residence, a certificate of no criminal record, medical certificates, etc. are legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents issued by the Registry Office, notarial documents, etc. must be endorsed with an Apostille in the Ministry of Justice; documents related to education can be legalized by affixing an Apostille stamp only in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Apostille can be affixed only to documents issued by official bodies:

  • Private documents:
    • diplomas, archive transcripts, educational programs, certificates;
    • certificates (of no criminal record, place of residence, health certificates);
    • documents issued by the registry office (marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, etc.);
    • documents drawn up by a notary (applications, powers of attorney, affidavits and others);
  • • Legal documents (certificates of registration, powers of attorney, charters and other documents).

Apostille cannot be affixed to original passports, employment records, military service cards, weapons permits, technical passports, identity cards and other documents. You can affix an Apostille on notarized copies of these documents. It is also not allowed to legalize documents related to commercial, financial or customs actions.

Which countries need an apostille?

The Hague Convention has been in force in Ukraine since December 22, 2003, abolishing the requirement of consular legalization of foreign documents, which has been in force since 1961. The new procedure applies to countries party to the Hague Convention by Ukraine. This rule simplified the process of affixing an Apostille.

Thus, when affixing one Apostille on a document, in the future you only need to make a certified translation.

Countries requiring the 1st Apostille:

Australia Hong Kong Marshall Islands Northern Mariana Islands
Austria Grenada Mexico Seychelles
Azerbaijan Greece Moldova Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Albania Georgia Monaco Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Американське Romania Guam Mongolia Saint Kitts and Nevis
Andorra Denmark Montserrat Saint Lucia
Antigua and Barbuda Jersey Namibia Serbia
Argentina Jersey Republic Netherlands Antilles Slovakia
Armenia Dominican Republic Netherlands Slovenia
Aruba Israel Nicaragua Suriname
Bahamas India Niue Tajikistan
Barbados Ireland New Zealand Tonga
Bahrain Iceland New Caledonia Trinidad and Tobago
Belize Spain Norway Turkey
Belarus Italy Oman Turks and Caicos
Belgium PRC Isle of Man Uzbekistan
Bermuda Cape Verde Cayman Islands Ukraine
Bulgaria Kazakhstan Cook Islands Wallis and Futuna
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cyprus St. Helena Island Uruguay
Botswana Kirghizia Panama Fiji
Brazil Colombia Paraguay Finland
British Antarctic Territory Costa Rica Peru Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
British Virgin Islands Latvia Poland France
Brunei Lesotho Portugal French Polynesia
Vanuatu Liberia Puerto Rico Croatia
Great Britain Lithuania Republic of Korea Montenegro
Hungary Liechtenstein Reunion Czech Republic
Venezuela Luxembourg Russia Switzerland
Virgin Islands (Reunion) Mauritius Romania Sweden
Guadeloupe Mayotte USA Ecuador
Guyana Macau Salvador Estonia
Germany Macedonia Samoa South African Republic
Guernsey Malawi San Marino Japan
Gibraltar Malta Sao Tome and Principe
Honduras Morocco Swaziland

Double apostille

There are cases in which, when processing a document for certain countries, it is required to affix a double Apostille on it. This means that the first Apostille is placed on the original or on a certified copy of the document, after which a certified translation is performed; the second Apostille is affixed to the translation certified by a notary.

Countries that require a double Apostille: Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy.

Apostille of documents with subsequent consular legalization of translation

There are a number of states for which there are two possible ways to formalize legalization:

  1. Apostille on a document + certified translation + second Apostille
  2. Apostille on the document + accredited translation with the consular seal

Such countries include: Italy, Spain, France.

Apostille affixing completion period:

The completion period of the Apostille affixing depends on the document on which the Apostille is to be affixed and the required urgency of the Apostille.

  1. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - 5-7 working days
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - from 5 working days; up to 20 working days in case of need to receive additional information on request to the institution that issued the document.
  3. Ministry of Education of Ukraine - from 1 to 40 working days, depending on the sample document and the urgency of submission.

The cost of an Apostille in Kyiv in the International Center “Antei”

Service Price
Apostille on documents of individuals. Ministry of Justice. 300 UAH
Apostille on legal documents *. Ministry of Justice. 450 UAH
Apostille of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on documents of individuals. from 350 UAH
Apostille of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on legal documents * from 700 UAH

* For execution of legal documents it is necessary 2 letters of the order (for affixing of the Apostille on the certified copy, on translation) on the letterhead, with the signature of the director and the seal.

Apostille on the registry office documents, extracts, certified copies - 5-7 working days.

Apostille on certificates of no criminal record, certificates of registration of residence - from 5 working days.

The cost of an Apostille in Kyiv for educational documents

Completion period Price
2 hours (new template documents) 1600 UAH.
3 working days (new template documents) 980 UAH.
12 working days (new template documents) 800 UAH.
25 working days (documents that require a request: old and new template, internationally recognized diploma, certificates, statements, curriculum, as well as new documents on which signatures do not match) 850 UAH.
40 working days (documents of the old template, new) 500 UAH.

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